Low Battery

As Stanford's Video Game Society, Low Battery focuses on promoting the spirit of gaming both professionally and recreationally. Low Battery hosts LAN parties for the Stanford community and offers networking opportunitiies for students who are interested in pursuing game development in the industry.

The cool events Low Battery hosts are coordinated through a talented team of Executive Officers, of which I served as the Public Relations Officer. I take pride in developing relationships between industry officials and informing our community of promising opportunities. In addition to these responsibilities, I also managed the Low Battery website & copy and created the promotional LAN fliers to inform our 100+ members.

Click here for the Low Battery website.
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I coordinated with outside parties to encourage game dev. opportunities within our community, focusing especially on professional events and working with industry representatives.

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I completely revamped the old website and created a new one from scratch (more precisely, HTML, CSS, and JS!). Here, the community can find information on LAN and networking events.

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Using Photoshop, I also create promotional fliers to attract 100+ attendees at our LAN events. After devising a theme, I perform a bit of magic to design and create parody & pun posters.